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It's scary to put your
trust in a complete stranger,

but trying to repair things
on your own hasn't worked.

What if you could learn
new ways of communicating?

and heal old wounds that have
interfered with true intimacy?

Will Marriage Counseling Make
Your Marriage Worse?


Marriage Counseling | Couples | Individuals | Philadelphia

A relationship counselor can work with you in a collaborative process where patterns in relationships are allowed to unfold for study and growth in a safe and respectful environment.

Working with a good psychotherapist develops your capacity for emotional clarity, improves your ability to engage in healthy reciprocal relationships, and sets the table for authentic communication and intimate connection.

After a stint in the film and music world, I attended and graduated from Smith College School for Social Work’s Masters program. Post graduation I spent four years working for the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services while completing their in-service training program and advanced training institute.

In 1996 I opened my private practice in New York City and have continued to work with individuals, couples, and families. In addition to doing relational therapy, I have also explored meditation, yoga, hypnosis, and alternative forms of healing. Along the way I achieved my PhD in clinical social work from New York University, where I researched the role that relationships play in chronic pain disorders. My work has brought me experience with psychiatric social work, treating trauma, anxiety and doing couples therapy/counseling. I believe that each of us is unique and requires individualized attention and care.