Psychotherapist | Philadelphia

David Steinberg, PhD, LCSW

No matter the city, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago: Psychotherapists often practice in traditional ways. A trained psychotherapist will meet with an individual, couple or family in a counseling situation where 'advice' or 'counsel' is sought after. The goal being to help that person or persons, get back into a life balance where they are able to cope with day to day situations or crises.

So many variables are involved when a person experiences the need for counseling. There could be a death in the family, or of a close friend. Maybe your child needs some sort of therapy to help them gain self-confidence, or regain their life. The loss of a job, or the possibility of divorce may bring on an internal crisis needing outside help to break through the walls of self-doubt or internalization.

There is no way to know a person's heart and soul from a telephone call or a short visit to my office. It takes time to understand all the nuances that cause a person to react a specific way. Everyone acts differently in a variety of situations needing therapy or counseling. It is my job, passion and calling, to help create a path of light to recovery.

As a psychotherapist, I will take time to listen and learn about you. Your thoughts, reactions, desired outcome, and path to regaining a sense of control are of utmost importance to me. Helping you understand your situation and the best way to deal with the issues is my primary goal. You are an individual, with personal needs, wants, issues and desires.

For some, Traditional Psychotherapy is what helps them feel most comfortable. If you find this is not working as well as expected, I may suggest ">Alternative forms of Therapy. ">Whichever path you find most comfortable and helpful is the one we will walk. I have helped many people overcome difficulties and regain balance.

If you feel this type of therapy might be for you, please call Me.