Anxiety Treatment | Philadelphia

A good therapist can help you cope with and ultimately redefine your relationship with anxiety. Learn how to regain control of your anxiety and take back your sense of inner peace.

Taming the Anxiety Beast...

Perhaps you self-medicate, or have various rituals for avoiding the pain, but ultimately the beast finds you and locks its jaws around your very sense of security, and shakes you like an alligator attacking its prey. There is no running, as the powerful jaws of anxiety lock down and you feel yourself being consumed by an unstoppable force.

What if you were able to tap into a force 100 times the strength of that alligator, and you were able to easily pry open the jaws of the beast and send it whimpering into the night?

Perhaps the beast of anxiety has kept you in a state of terror for a very long time, and you are feeling hopeless and helpless to make a difference. Imagine now that the answer to your problem is already inside of you just waiting to be discovered. The truth is that anxiety can be treated, and your panic attacks can be conquered forever.

For centuries yogis have engaged in a very detailed phenomenological study of the body and its processes. They learned through focus and awareness how to control what were previously considered to be the body’s involuntary processes.

These techniques are simple, and with very little training you can learn how to slow down your heart rate and tame the beast. As you become proficient in this process, you will no longer fear the beast, because you will develop awareness of the signs and mastery over your body’s response. When fear melts away, and you gain control of your body, you will experience a whole new level of peace and daily joy.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a complex response to a perceived threat of danger that is uniquely human. While animals experience fear in the face of danger, only human beings have the creative capacity to use imagination and memory to conceptually move forward and backward in time. Anxiety is a combination of a biochemical response in the body and an emotional reaction to a social situation. A significant amount of anxiety is based on our unique capacity to anticipate future events.

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety is a state of mind with both emotional and physiological components. It is characterized by behavioral, somatic, emotional and cognitive factors. It is considered to be a normal response to stress, and is often a good motivator to help one rise to challenging situations, such as studying for a test, or responding to real impending danger. When your anxiety because extreme, or doesn’t match the situation, it could then potentially be described as a disorder.